Our Program


Upon your arrival at our firm, you’ll receive training for close to two weeks. Lawyers, as well as members of our management and administration teams, will share their knowledge and best practices with you.

Our training program includes the following topics:

    • Technology
    • A visit to the courthouse and Court of Appeal
    • Research methods
    • Business law, especially due diligence and commercial deals
    • Insurance law
    • Various sessions with our external partners (Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, CAIJ, SOQUIJ).

Further legal training sessions are regularly offered internally to members of our firm, and students are always welcome to participate.

Developing the skills of our professionals is one of our biggest priorities. It gives us great pleasure to accompany our students in their professional journeys, and we love to see them thrive.

Student assignments

RSS students are recognized for their quality work. By joining our team, you’ll be contributing directly to the excellent service that we provide to our clients.

The assignments that will be entrusted to you by our Summer Student and Articling Student Committee are related to all our areas of practice, and stand out because of their variety and complexity.

Feedback and evaluation

Summer and articling students will be officially evaluated when their summer employment or articling period ends. Evaluation criteria include the general quality of their work, respect of deadlines, their capacity to communicate clearly and efficiently, and their team spirit.

Beyond this formal context, we also encourage our lawyers to provide our students with continuous feedback, whether oral or written. This feedback allows us to better guide our students in the pursuit of their goals, while fostering their learning process, motivation and self-confidence.

Drafting legal papers

Our summer and articling students are regularly invited to collaborate with our lawyers in drafting legal newsletters, which are mainly published on our website and social media, as well as the platforms of certain external partners. In addition to being an exercise in analysis and synthesis, this drafting allows students to stay up to date on current legal news.

What do our current students have to say about their experience?

We believe our students are in the best position to describe their experience within the firm. That’s why we created the RSSVox blog, a dedicated space for them to do so.

Have a look at their recent posts, and feel free to contact them.

Do you have other questions? Check out our FAQ.

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University of Montreal

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Laval University

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University of Ottawa

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