Real Estate

The real estate industry has changed over the past two years, largely as a result of the economic and social climate, which has created a number of legal and business issues. While many uncertainties remain, the Canadian outlook for this sector is optimistic: both commercial and industrial demand are expected to be strong in the coming months and significant investments are anticipated.

We have assembled a multidisciplinary team of professionals who accompany and advise our clients on various aspects of real estate investments and operations.

We advise property owners, tenants, sellers and buyers of real estate as well as developers, investors, debtors and secured creditors. We provide our clients with support in their transactional needs and act in various matters involving the development of commercial, residential, institutional and industrial projects.

Our real estate services include:

  • Commercial leasing
  • Real estate purchases and sales 
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Litigation
  • Landlord/tenant liabilities
  • Co-ownership
  • Tax issues
  • Financing
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Municipal law
  • Environmental law

Professional resources7

Martin Côté

Lawyer, Partner

Sharon G. Druker, Ad. E.

Lawyer, Partner and Head of the Corporate Services Department

Geneviève Goulet

Lawyer, Partner

Rhona Luger

Lawyer, Partner

Herbert Z. Pinchuk

Lawyer, Partner and Head of the Business Law Group

Gaston Saucier

Lawyer, Partner

Jean-Pierre Sheppard

Lawyer, Partner and Head of the Civil and Commercial Litigation Group