Our mission is to provide exceptional legal services and tailored strategic advice through an empathetic client approach.

Our Approach

With integrity and respect, we act as a boutique firm while offering sophisticated legal services.

In support of our mission, we advocate an approach based on three cores values:

  • A passion for the law
  • The independence of the firm
  • Loyalty to and support of our clients

A Passion for the Law

We listen to our clients. Before providing any advice, we review the situation with our clients in order to fully understand their needs, issues and business objectives. We prefer tailor-made legal services to cookie-cutter solutions. We do not dictate to our clients what their needs are; instead we advise them in their best interest while keeping track of the “big picture” in the context of their particular situation.

We are proactive and combine efficiency, transparent communication between work teams, and availability of our professionals. We don’t just respond to our clients’ requests; we are always looking for legal information that may impact their businesses and activities, and constantly seeking to communicate it to them in a clear and useful manner.

An Independent Firm

We accept mandates and files on the sole basis of the legal services that we can offer, regardless of the ties, opinions, or allegiances of clients.

Loyalty and Support

The excellence of our firm is the result of the constant commitment of our members, who have made RSS the institution we know today.

Our loyalty to our clients is absolute and we defend their interests with respect, vigour, and professionalism. We constantly seek to offer our clients services of impeccable quality.

In addition, we strive to build bridges not only with the business world and the legal community, but also with the groups and individuals who guide the society of today and tomorrow, because we are grateful to our community, which has allowed the firm to grow and prosper. We give back to the community in the form of various commitments, particularly through non-profit and philanthropic activities.