Quebec is comprised of over 1,100 municipalities. Given the importance of these structures, we have assembled a team of experts in numerous fields relevant to the operations of municipalities and to the relations that they have with citizens, businesses, and other components of public administration.

We manage numerous cases involving municipalities. Depending upon the circumstances, we represent municipalities, or parties in opposition to municipalities.

Our experience includes:

  • Liability for falls and accidents caused by faulty maintenance of sidewalks, streets and other infrastructure, or unlawful arrests;
  • Preparing requests for proposals or oppositions to the award of the contracts;
  • Class actions based on nuisances such as noise or neighbourhood annoyances;
  • Class actions arising from the allegedly abusive use of its powers by a municipality;
  • Disputes over the issuance of building or renovation permits;
  • Defamation cases involving elected officials or civil servants;
  • Liability of municipalities for failure to enact construction by-laws.

Professional resources7

Patricia Baram

Lawyer, Partner

Fabienne Beauvais

Lawyer, Partner

Justin Beeby

Lawyer, Partner

Emmanuelle Campeau

Lawyer, Partner

Martin Côté

Lawyer, Partner

Béatrice D’Anjou

Lawyer, Associate

Gaston Saucier

Lawyer, Partner