Summer and Articling Students

Our Program

RSS has always fostered and encouraged the next generation of lawyers. Our support goes beyond transmitting our passion for the law; it also reflects our commitment to the community.

This mission is one of the tenets of our organizational culture: each year, we’re happy to welcome the law students who will become our summer and articling students, and eventually the lawyers of tomorrow.

We’ve developed an apprenticeship program that reflects our students’ career goals, as well as the competitive and changing reality of the legal world. Our program draws from current trends and is designed to reflect emerging legal perspectives, with the goal of supporting our students on their way to success.

A Practical, Challenging and Enriching Experience

Our summer and articling students are integrated into work groups right away, so they can gain practical experience from the very beginning. With this in mind, we prefer delegating responsibilities while ensuring proper supervision. Our goal is to place our students into an environment where they feel supported, and have opportunities to exercise their creativity. We put everything in place to make sure their journey at RSS is intellectually stimulating and matches their potential.

Life at RSS

RSS is a medium-sized firm, which allows us to maintain a synergy between all our members and to connect with one another on a human level, regardless of seniority. We uphold the values of autonomy and flexibility, which allows us to offer tailored support to each other. From day one, we take the time to understand our students’ goals and help them discover themselves as future jurists.

We foster the development of experienced professionals, and of versatile and bold, yet generous, team players.

Recruitment Committee

We’re on the lookout for our future partners. That’s why our Recruitment Committee, comprised of partners from various departments, oversees the examination of all applications that we receive and ensures that all interviews run smoothly. Our committee will accompany you throughout every step of the recruitment process.

Don’t forget to mark these upcoming deadlines in your agenda:

Andrew Penhale

Lawyer, Partner and CEO

Geneviève Goulet

Lawyer, Partner

Natacha Calixte

Lawyer, Partner

Justin Beeby

Lawyer, Partner


Summer and Articling Students

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