Transportation Law

The transportation industry, whether in the local, national or international market, is intimately linked to the health of businesses and the economic climate. Any change in the level of activity in a market, be it a slowdown or an acceleration, will inevitably impact that industry and, consequently, the associated employment rate.

While the globalization of markets has now become an inescapable reality in business, the last few months have shown us that a sharp slowdown in local consumption and external trade is still possible. The issues related to the transport of people and goods have been and are still numerous. Planning is becoming more important than ever in this environment governed by both provincial and federal legislation and international treaties.

Our Lawyers Understand the Issues Related to Transportation Law

Our clients rely on our experienced transport lawyers to ensure maximum compliance, avoid certain problems and seek advice on the rules and laws applicable to their market. Whether by land, sea or air, our team has in-depth expertise in transportation law and is up to date on the latest developments in the industry. We know and quickly grasp the practical and legal aspects of transportation, and work closely with our professional teams in labour and employment law. This integrated approach allows us to provide sound, profitable and timely advice, while taking into consideration various factors that may impact our clients’ business issues.

Our Transportation Law Services at a Glance

  • Commercial contracts
  • Administrative law before specialized tribunals, commissions and boards (including the Commission des transports du Québec, the Tribunal administrative du travail, the Canada Industrial Relations Board, etc.)
  • Commercial disputes
  • Labour relations
  • Transportation-related offences
  • Assessment and assistance in the implementation of safety measures

Our Transportation Law professionals4

Marc-Olivier Brouillette

Lawyer, Partner

Normand Laurendeau

Lawyer, Partner

Dimka Markova

Lawyer, Associate

Tomas Vazquez

Lawyer, Associate