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RSS Sponsors the Pierre-Basile-Mignault Moot Court Competition

May the best litigator win! RSS is one of the sponsors of the 45th edition of the Concours de plaidoirie Pierre-Basile-Mignault, which will be held on February 10 and 11, 2023 at the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal. The Concours de plaidoirie Pierre-Basile-Migneault is an advocacy competition between the six Canadian civil law faculties. […]

Law and Leadership: Andrew Penhale’s Experience

Our CEO, Andrew Penhale, talks about his experience as a team leader as well as his academic and professional background. This episode is part of a series of podcasts put together by the Université de Sherbrooke. Andrew tells his story in an interview with Josée Perreault.  Click below to listen to “Droit et leadership”. Spotify: […]

From Pro Football to Law: Marc-Olivier Brouillette’s Experience

Numerous lawyers haven’t taken the direct route from high school to their call to the Bar.  Marc-Olivier Brouillette is a perfect example—before donning his toge, he wore the Montréal Alouettes uniform. With simplicity and candor, he described his journey in an interview for Droit Devant, a podcast launched by the student association of Université de […]

Transportation Law: A Niche Practice in Quebec

We know that our firm has certain areas of practice in common with numerous professionals. However, over the years, we’ve realized that few students and young lawyers know that RSS also offers certain areas of practice that could be designated as “niches” in Quebec. One of those is transportation law. How is this practice special? […]

The First in a Long Series of Encounters

Don’t worry—I’m not about to announce that you’ll have to undergo dozens of interviews to be selected as an articling student! However, the tête-à-tête that we’ll soon be having will only be a prelude to your professional life. Throughout your career, you’ll constantly have to meet new people and quickly develop connections with them. All […]

Some Lawyers Have Non-Traditional Careers…

To litigate or not to litigate: That is the question! For the first four years in my career, I practised several areas of law. I soon realized that appearing in court was not my cup of tea, and that I would much prefer staying in the background, analyzing legal problems to support or challenge the […]

“Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?” THE Classic Interview Question

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” This question is asked so often that it’s almost become a cliché. Hardly a Course Aux Stages interview goes by without this topic being raised, which is why you should expect it and prepare your response. In my view, the best way to get ready for this […]

During Your Interview, Reveal Who You Are

Do you know what I’m thinking when I interview a candidate during the Course aux stages? I am not trying to verify whether you know the three fundamental rights attached to shares of a business corporation: I assume that your law school did a fine job with this. Neither do I try to see how […]

Martin Côté’s Musical Suggestions for the Course Aux Stages

Undoubtedly, while the Course aux stages is enriching and stimulating, it is also an intense and stressing period for most of the students who participate (don’t take my word for it: we heard it from the students themselves!). Given the circumstances, allow me to suggest inspiring music to help you prepare for this long-distance run. […]

Articling Successfully during a Pandemic

Articling towards a call to the Bar of Quebec is already laden with challenges. The transition from the classroom to the courtroom is far from easy. What was theoretical is now part of daily life. It is a key step in a legal professional’s career, and a moment that I had been impatiently waiting for. […]