Year-end portrait 2022 — Insurance Law

Profile of Rachel Clément

Rachel Clément is a partner, and co-chair of our Insurance Law Group.

In addition to conducting her practice and ensuring the group’s leadership, she plays a key role in managing our client relationships, especially with major clients in Quebec and Ontario as well as in London.

An active member of the Canadian Litigation Counsel, a nationwide association of independent law firms whose purpose is to provide litigation services to the insurance and other public and private institutions, she takes part in various industry events across Canada. She was recently in Halifax to attend the annual RIMS Canada conference, hosted by the Risk and Insurance Management Society.

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Globe and Mail’s rating — November 16, 2022

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Our Representative Mandates

General Liability

  • Defending a consultant engineering firm against a claim of several million dollars in the construction field
  • Defending a specialized manufacturing firm after a fire that caused a $13-million loss
  • Defending an industrial maker of plumbing supplies for losses caused by water damage
  • Representing a business in a claim of over $1 million following water infiltrations in the roofing structure
  • Defending a snow removal business after a fall on the ice in a shopping centre, causing damages of over $1 million to the victim
  • Defending a restaurant-bar following a fall that had occurred on its dance floor, causing alleged damages of millions of dollars
  • Defending a spa following a fall that occurred in its steam bath, and a hotel in relation to an accident in its outdoor swimming pool
  • Defending an event organizer following accidents that occurred during a musical performance, and in a game of piñata

Professional Liability

  • Defending an accountant against a claim for the tax consequences from the sale of the assets of a business in relation to a derogation from his duty to inform in a corporate reorganization of the companies
  • Defending notaries in relation to real estate frauds by way of identity theft: cases of $4 million and $6 million respectively
  • Defending notaries in relation to applications for annulment of hypothec deeds and wills because of lack of capacity or undue influence on the testator
  • Defending notaries in relation to problems with servitudes or other real rights following the sale of a building
  • Defending notaries in relation to the correction of trust deeds
  • Defending notaries in applications for improbation of authentic deeds or in cases related to privileged communications
  • Defending a re-purchase inspector in relation to defects discovered after the sale of a building

Personal Insurance

  • Defending a disability insurer sued after it refused to pay compensation to the plaintiff, a medical specialist, claiming that he was not eligible to the renewal of the policy after reaching the age of 65
  • Defending a travel assistance company sued over the services rendered abroad following a severe medical emergency during a trip in Europe

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