William Dion-Bernard, TEP

Notary, Partner





William Dion-Bernard is a Notary and Partner in our Estates, Wills and Trusts Group. He works regularly with property administrators, high-net-worth individuals, and families with estate- and tax-related issues. William’s practice focuses on asset protection, including all aspects of real estate law:

  • Trusts
  • Wills and protection mandates
  • Marriage contracts, civil unions and cohabitation agreements
  • Declarations of transmission
  • Non-contentious proceedings
  • Hypothecs and mortgages
  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Servitudes
  • Real estate title searches and the correction of title defects

William has extensive expertise in estate planning, liquidation and settlement. He regularly advises clients on Quebec civil law trusts and foreign trusts, and assists wealthy individuals in structuring gifts of substantial assets with regard to taxation. William has also advised registered charities on technical tax matters and on communications with revenue agencies.


Canadian Bar Association:

  • Director and officer of the Quebec Branch
  • Member of the Wills, Estates and Trusts section

Association professionnelle des notaires du Québec

STEP Canada


Impact of COVID-19 on Estate Planning: Quebec is Ahead of the Curve

3 April 2020

While we are witnessing the unfolding of unprecedented times, the coronavirus pandemic should also serve as a stark reminder of the importance of keeping your estate planning documents current. Although we do not presently and, perhaps will not for some time in the future, have the luxury of face-to-face personal meetings with our clients to […]

Publications and Conferences

Faculty of Law, McGill University: lecturer (2022–present)

Legal Techniques programme, Ahuntsic College: lecturer (2012–2022)

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“Domicile: what is it, when does it matter, & why do you care?”, STEP Canada National Conference, June 16, 2022

“Estate Administration”, yearly professional development seminar of the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, June 8, 2022

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Community Involvement

Secretary for Les deux mondes theatre company (2022–present)

Volunteer for various fund-raising events

Bénévole pour les ateliers d’alphabétisation des enfants


Notarial Law Degree (D.D.N.)

University of Sherbrooke


Bachelor of civil law (LL.B.)

University of Sherbrooke


Professional orders

Chambre des notaires du Québec