(English) A Student’s Perspective — Rehearsed answers: a double edged sword?

I think everyone at some point in their lives, whether it be in the context of basketball practice, essay writing or music lessons has heard the age old adage: “practice makes perfect”. Does the same apply to the Course aux Stages interview process? The answer is not so black and white.

On one hand, it is imperative to be comfortable talking about yourself as the entire goal of the interview process is to get know you! Taking time to think about potential interview questions and how you would answer them is most a certainly a logical step in one’s Course aux Stages preparation. While wanting to put your best self forward by being prepared for a great opportunity like Course aux Stages is important, it is equally as important to put your most genuine self forward. Sometimes a rehearsed answer, no matter how many fascinating points it may include, can actually make it more difficult for the interviewers to get a real grasp of your personality.

Reflection should certainly be the first step in any student’s Course aux Stages process. Determining what experiences you wish to highlight, what qualities make you stand out, as well as what type of firm you are looking for is essential. That being said, the best advice I can offer would be to practice having conversations about yourself, your accomplishments and your goals, rather than meticulously planning and memorizing answers to anticipated questions.

So practice certainly can allow room for perfect, as long as it does not prevent you from making a real human connection with your interviewers.

elyssa-5288Elyssa Leiberman is a Civil Law and Common Law graduate from the Université de Montréal. She has worked two summers at RSS and is currently articling there.

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