(English) Articling at Robinson Sheppard Shapiro

The size of the firm and the variety of its practice areas are such that articling students at Robinson Sheppard Shapiro are entrusted with a large degree of responsibility and control over their files. This provides us with an enviable level of experience and prepares us for the realities of private practice as best as any articling program possibly could.

Being a mid-sized firm, RSS attracts important files while maintaining a human scale in which articling students are called upon to play a pivotal role. As an articling student I was called upon to research and draft appeal facta for both the Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Articling students are also routinely included as key members of small teams (two or three lawyers at most) working on major commercial transactions and on the preparation of large, complex trials.

Articling at RSS also means being thrown into the ring right off the bat. As articling students, we are called upon to negotiate directly with opposing counsel, to conduct depositions and, of course, to plead motions (both contested and uncontested) before the courts.

Although this “trial by fire” approach may seem daunting at first, articling students quickly learn to rely on the advice and counsel of their more experienced colleagues at the firm whose doors are (literally and figuratively) always open.

This approach creates a strong bond between us, as articling students, and the rest of our colleagues at the firm. We learn to deeply respect the trust that has been invested in us, and cherish the level of commitment that the firm has in fostering our professional development. All this provides us not only with a phenomenal environment in which to learn and evolve as legal practitioners, but also with the strength and confidence that comes with being part of tightly-knit and supportive community of top-notch professionals.


– Me Jordi Montblanch joined the firm as a lawyer at the end of his articling in March 2015.

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