(English) A Student’s perspective — Preparing for an interview at RSS

Be prepared! The interview is the best time to show the Committee why you are the candidate they should choose. Go over your CV and know it inside out. Determine how your previous work or volunteer experiences translate into useful skills for a firm looking to hire a stagiaire. It is helpful to have concrete examples and anecdotes of your past experience ready for discussion. Although you are under the spotlight during the interview, don’t be afraid to make the most of it! Prepare your own thoughtful questions for your interviewers to determine if this firm is a good fit for you.

Be yourself! There are a million law students with good grades, extracurriculars and ambition. What makes you different? Chances are your grades aren’t the only reason you were called to an interview, so show your interviewers what makes you unique and how that uniqueness can make you a valuable member of the team. Remember, they aren’t just hiring a summer student and stagiaire, they are hopefully hiring a future colleague. They want someone who is not only competent, but a person who will integrate well into the team. Are you that person?

Keep perspective. You have worked long and hard through law school and work experiences, be proud of what you have accomplished and maintain confidence. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but they don’t have to be if you remember that this may be another success to add to your experiences. That being said, you should also remain humble and know that a successful interview is only just one of the many steps before being selected.


Trent Helms — A Civil Law and Common Law graduate from the University of Ottawa, Trent joined our insurance department after articling at the firm in 2016.

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