(English) A Student’s Perspective — Interviews

The interview process during La Course aux stages can definitely be a gruelling and stressful period. In order to perform well you need to approach each interview as three separate phases: the preparation, the interview and the post-interview.

The first question will likely be: “Tell us something about yourself.” This is your opportunity to take charge and really control the direction of the interview. For this question only, prepare and memorize a short response that tells your story. For this answer try to highlight some of your accomplishments and accolades that aren’t on your resume, while also focusing on what makes you a unique candidate. Furthermore, one tip that can truly decrease your stress is to simply film yourself answering questions. In fact, there are some things we don’t notice about ourselves until we see them on camera.

On the day of the interview, make sure you arrive on time. Punctuality is a great form of respect and it shows great professionalism. Once you begin, sit up straight on your chair with your elbows on the table in order to look engaged in the interview. Also, you should always make eye contact with the lawyers when answering a question. It will help you respond with confidence, which is a key element to a successful interview. Remember that there is no right answer but rather a right way to answer. The recruitment committee is not looking for the best answer; it is looking at how you react to a stressful situation.

The day after the interview, it’s always important the send an email to the recruitment committee to thank them for their time and for considering your candidacy. Finally, as hard as it may seem try to embrace this process, you never know what you might learn about yourself.

Good luck to everyone!

Julien Cheaib est présentement étudiant à l’École du Barreau. Il a travaillé deux étés chez RSS et y fera son stage en 2018.


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