Labour and Employment Law

RSS objective: Going beyond the law

In today’s business world, human resources are among an enterprise’s most important assets. To achieve any success, human resources must be a priority one! To create a harmonious working environment, while protecting the rights and interests of the employer, management requires proper focused, guidance and assistance.

Our labour and employment law professionals appreciate the value of human resources and the stakes involved. Besides mastering labour law, the professionals at RSS are experts in human resource management, a talent which brings added value to their clients. Our lawyers possess the skills and know-how to quickly grasp your company’s goals and environment in order to put forward and implement the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Our services in brief

  • Development of labour relations policies in union and non-union environments (hiring and termination, working conditions, discipline and discharge, etc.)
  • Implementation of policies and programs relating to respect at work; diligence at work; management of discipline; classification and evaluation of the tasks for purposes of wage management
  • Preparation of individual employment agreements including confidentiality agreements, restrictive covenants, codes of business ethics, employment handbooks, etc.
  • Restructuring in divestitures, downsizing or acquisitions
  • Training of management personnel and in-house seminars for effective, proactive and positive industrial relations in a non-union environment
  • Guidance and representation of management with respect to union organizing
  • Representation of management in certification applications, successor rights applications and related proceedings
  • Negotiation, conciliation and arbitration of collective agreements
  • Representation and counsel during strikes and lockouts
  • Administration of collective agreements
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Counsel and representation in matters involving unjust dismissal, employment standards, human rights, workers compensation and access to information legislation
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Labour relations in the construction field
  • Human rights

Our professionals

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