Federal labour law: Expected changes are becoming reality

By Philippe-André Tessier, CRIA, from our Labour and Employment and Transportation Law Groups.

June 29, 2017 — At the beginning of June, we described some aspects of Bill C-44, that brings about several changes in federal law, especially on parental leave, and creates additional protections for employees. Over a year earlier, we had discussed Bill C-4, which was intended to cancel some restrictions on the accreditation of a union that had been implemented by the previous government.

Soon, all of this will come together. Bill C-4 finally came into force on June 22 and Bill C-44 received royal assent, also on June 22, after a chaotic period that captured media attention.

Although the date of coming into force of the provisions on parental leave and additional protections for employees included in C-44 are yet unknown, employers under federal jurisdiction should acquaint themselves with these new rules.

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