Flash Interview with Sharon Druker


Sharon Druker joined the RSS Business Law team in 2005. She has praticed commercial and corporate law since 1986. She willingly agreed to answer our questions:

  • Why did you choose your area of practice? I chose business law because it allows me to work with many different clients, in diverse industries. Although two clients may need the same type of agreement, their businesses and therefore their needs vary. Even two clients in the same industry don’t have the same concerns and challenges, so no two mandates are identical, which keeps it interesting and fresh – my practice is never boring!  A good business lawyer is a generalist, who acts as a trusted advisor, identifying issues and helping clients to resolve them, either directly or by connecting them with the right person to handle the matter and monitoring to ensure client satisfaction.  I get to work closely with clients and to build a relationship with them over time while guiding them through the resolution of their various business and legal challenges.
  • What would you be if you weren’t a lawyer? I would be a book or magazine editor. I love to read fiction and the idea of being paid to do it, and the possible thrill of being the first one to find a phenomenal new writing talent, would be my dream job.
  • What gives you the most pleasure as a lawyer? The satisfaction of closing a big deal, after having negotiated the business and legal terms, and having used my creativity to find a practical solution to a thorny problem so the deal can get done.
  • What do you look for in a young attorney? Intellectual curiosity, plus a hunger to learn new things and to constantly seek improvement.  Skills can be learned, but the right attitude is a prerequisite.

Thank you Sharon for having taken the time to share your thoughts with us.

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